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  1. 试题:

  Text 2

  With the global population predicted to hit close to 10 billion by 2050, and forecasts thatagricultural production in some regions will need to nearly double to keep pace, food security isincreasingly making headlines. In the UK, it has become a big talking point recently too, for arather particular reason: Brexit.

  Brexit is seen by some as an opportunity to reverse a recent trend towards the UK importingfood. The country produces only about 60 percent of the food it eats, down from almostthree-quarters in the late 1980s. A move back to self-sufficiency, the argument goes, would boost the farming industry, political sovereignty and even the nations health. Sounds great- but howfeasible is this vision?

  According to a report on UK food production from the University of Leeds, UK, 85 percentof the country's total land area is associated with meat and dairy production. That supplies 80 percent of what is consumed, so even covering the whole country in livestock farms wouldn’t allowus to cover all our meat and dairy needs.

  There are many caveats to those figures, but they are still grave. To become much moreself-sufficient, the UK would need to drastically reduce its consumption of animal foods, andprobably also farm more intensively meaning fewer green fields and more factory-styleproduction.

  But switching to a mainly plant-based diet wouldn’t help. There is a good reason why the UKis dominated by animal husbandry: most of its terrain doesn’t have the right soil or climate to grow crops on commercial basis. Just 25 per cent of the country’s land is suitable forcrop-growing, most of which is already occupied by arable fields. Even if we converted all thesuitable land to fields of fruit and veg-- which would involve taking out all the nature reserves and removing thousands of people from their homes— we would achieve only a 30 percent boost in crop production.

  Just 23 per cent of the fruit and vegetables consumed in the UK are currently home-grown, soeven with the most extreme measures we could meet only 30 per cent of our fresh produce needs.That is before we look for the space to grow the grains, sugars, seeds and oils that provide us withthe vast bulk of our current calorie intake.

  2. 答案详解:

  26. Some people argue that food self-sufficiency in the UK would____.

  [A] be hindered by its population growth

  [B] contribute to the nations’well-being

  [C] become a priority of the government

  [D] pose a challenge to its farming industry

  【答案】B。根据题干信息argue和food self-sufficiency定位至第二段第三句,插入语部分the argument goes与some people argue对应,故选项内容对应该句主干,boost the farming industry, political sovereignty and even the nations’ health,boost与contribute to对应,nations' well-being与nations’ health对应,故而选择B选项。

  【干扰项】根据定位句,boost表示“促进”,这里应为正向信息,而A选项的be hindered和D选项pose a challenge均为负面信息,可以直接排除。C选项是对political sovereignty的误读,political sovereignty表示政治上的统治权,而C选项指的是政府的优先权,两者的含义不同,故而排除C选项。

  27. The report by the University of Leeds showed that in the UK

  [A] farmland has been inefficiently utilised

  [B] factory style production needs reforming

  [C] most land is used for meat and dairy production

  [D] more green fields will be converted for farming

  【答案】C。根据题干信息University of Leeds定位至文章第三段第一句,第一句话提到,整个国家百分之85的土地与生产肉类和奶制品相关,并且提供了该国百分之80的消费量,这两组数据说明了,大多数土地用于肉类和奶制品生产,故而选C。

  【干扰项】文章在第三段尾句提到即使把全部农场用于肉和奶制品生产也不能满足大家的需要,第四段又提到了需要将一部分农场的土地匀给绿地,但并没有说农场没有有效利用,属于过度推断,故而排除A选项;文章第四段提到工厂产品结构,但并未提到需要改革,属于无中生有,且出现在第四段,与第三段的例子无关,故而排除B选项;D选项的green fields出现在第四段,内容与第三段的例子无关,故而排除。

  28. Crop-growing in the UK is restricted due to ____.

  [A] its farming technology

  [B] its dietary tradition

  [C] its natural conditions

  [D] its commercial interests

  【答案】C。根据题干的crop-growing定位至文章第五段。第二句提到a good reason,冒号后面对原因作出了解释,most of its terrain doesn’t have the right soil or climate to grow crops on commercial basis。提到了土壤和气候的因素使大多数土地不适合种庄稼,所以答案为C选项即自然条件。

  【干扰项】文章并未提到技术问题,A选项为无中生有,故而排除;第五段第一句话提到了switching to a mainly plant-based diet wouldn’t help,即转向一个以植物性食物为主的饮食结构于事无补,但并未提到传统饮食是造成这一点的原因,故而排除B选项;第二句话的冒号后面出现了on commercial basis,指的是由于某原因不能基于商业模式种植庄稼,但商业利益不是不能种庄稼的原因,故而排除D选项。

  29. It can be learned from the last paragraph that British people____.

  [A] rely largely on imports for fresh produce

  [B] enjoy a steady rise in fruit consumption

  [C] are seeking effective ways to cut calorie intake

  D] are trying to grow new varieties of grains


  【干扰项】最后一段只提到了本土能满足蔬果种植的比例很低,并未提到蔬果消费上升,属于无中生有,故而排除B选项;calorie intake出现于段尾,强调的是当前英国人的多数热量热书都来自于蔬果以外的东西,并没有提到幼小的方式来减少这方面的摄入,故而排除C选项;最后一句提到,before we look for the space to grow the grains,言外之意是目前我们还没找到种植谷物的空间,也未提到新种类的谷物,故而排除D选项。

  30. The author's attitude to food self-efficiency in the UK is ____.

  [A] defensive

  [B] doubtful

  [C] tolerant

  [D] optimistic

  【答案】B。最后一段的第一句提到了Just,加重语气强调蔬果在英国种植比例的底下,后半句提到even with the most extreme measures,“即使最极端的措施也只能保证30%”,可以看出坐着对此并不持乐观的态度,最后一句强调,目前我们的热量摄入仍然主要依靠糖分等。所以作者对英国食物自给自足持怀疑态度。

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